I spent last week off on vacation with the kiddos, but there was still derby happening.

First, I skated in my first bout on Saturday (photos below!), and while we did not win, I had a great time and skated well. I even managed to hold the jammer a time or two.

The next morning, I went to Detour, which is sort of social derby. Did not skate in the scrimmage, instead I volunteered to jam ref, which turned out to be much harder than scrimmaging. Too much to keep track of. I also scored a dual certified helmet courtesy of a local hospital’s TBI program. It’s even orange. It will keep me safer than my old, not-certified, brain bucket.

And then we had practice on Tuesday. First time for the newbies to hit and be hit. Quote of the night, after I knocked one newbie down, and a vet and I collided, “why is your love so violent?”. The new girls are a great group and I look forward to scrimmaging with them this week.

And getting ready to bout again at the end of the month. Still working out the contract details, but I think it’s going to be an awesome time. Skate all the bouts. Rarrr!

Photos! I am the dork in the orange skates and helmets, #1978