I was finally cleared on Monday to go back to skating, after a month off skates, and had my first practice back last night. It went pretty well. I did not scrimmage, so I reffed instead. It’s a lot harder, for me, than actually skating, because when I’m skating, I’m really only focused on about 3 people at at time - my partner, my jammer, and the opposing jammer. Reffing requires tracking 10 people at once, plus their distance from each other. I feel like I should have had four heads (each with their own whistle) and a dozen eyestalks on each head to track the action.

My aerobic conditioning has suffered from the month off, but I did well in blocking drills, took a couple hits without any side effects, and made it through the entire practice.

I often forget how fiercely feminist a space my team is - it’s very much a team that brooks no excuses, but very much believes anyone can do anything they want to, and is focused on building up, not tearing down. We’re a varied collection of women with traditional or non-traditional careers (or stay at home moms as well), varying partner configurations and orientations, varying sizes, but we’re united in the belief that we can all kick ass and we all do. After a disappointing series of meetings at work last week where I found out some of my coworkers aren’t as committed to a workplace built on equality, it was nice to be back in the fold.