The derby has been rather quiet of late - I had a massive release I was working on that kept me out for two weeks, plus family birthdays - and now I am recuperating from a concussion. No one’s fault, really, I took a hard hit in just the right/wrong way, and fell back and hit my head. I was wearing a certified multi impact helmet, so the concussion is minor/mild, but it really does amaze me just how badly one “little” hit can wreck your brain up.

I’m just under a week out, and while the headaches and most of the light sensitivity and blurry vision are gone, I’m irritable and very sleepy, and having trouble focusing. So, protect your brains, please, because you never know when they might decide not to behave.

I am off skates for the next week at least, which is bumming me out because I have a mix-up tournament in mid-November to prep for. I will still go to practice to help my team - I can be off-skates and help out jam timing or penalty box wrangling, and I am hoping to at least be able to ref (on skates, but no contact) the week after this one. I know without the non-skaters, nothing gets done, it just sucks not being able to skate. I want to be fixed now now now, but I have to recognize that this will take time and not rush it.