Our fall season of derby started last night, and the first month is always “back to basics” for the newbies that come on board. It really is amazing to me how far I have come in the past six months.

I’m no Suzy Hotrod (nor will I ever be), but I can see definite improvement in my falls, my stops, and my overall skating skills. I got a lot of great feedback from our coaching team, too, on the improvement, so it’s nice to see that other people are seeing it, too.

In just over two weeks, I am skating in my first bout ever (we’ve had two canceled, so this has been a nervewracking thing to try to get to do) - it’s a mix-up bout, and I’ll be playing both with and against some of my league mates. My team is wearing orange and white, which is perfect for me as my skates and helmet are orange. I’m nervous, but feeling like I have this. It helps that I am planning on attending an open scrimmage before the bout to play with some of the people I will be skating with.

Overall, my endurance is up, my confidence is up, and my skills are up. No real movement weight or measurement-wise, but that’s not really what I am doing this for. This is for fun and stress relief, and the exercise benefits are a bonus. I really recommend derby to everyone - I’ve never met a nicer more supportive group of women in my life.