Not vicious in a bad way, as in I don't think anyone out on the track was being malicious last night. But vicious in the sense that today I am a collection of aches and bruises after a couple of really nasty tumbles last night.

We had scrimmage against another local team last night. I was already hyper-nervous because it was essentially a tryout to see if I might be able to sub on another team's roster for an upcoming bout. I also had my kids and husband there to cheer me on for the first period. My eldest wanted to know why I wasn't a jammer, because jammers score points and are cool. My youngest said that it was cool, but she was sleepy.

I held my own, which is always good. Managed to catch and hold the other side's jammer briefly. Kept up with the pack when we went running (skating really fast to try to mess with the other jammer). Mostly stayed up on my feet. I feel like I'm getting better at this.

It's funny how fitness feeds into other fitness - I'm also doing thirty days of biking this month. When on the bike, I notice my endurance is better. When on skates, I notice both my endurance and my balance are better. No significant scale changes, and I'm not necessarily doing this for weight loss. On the other hand, my clothes are fitting better/looser, so I'll take it.

Now if I could just convince my skin to let go of the sharpie marker numbers on it.