Last night was our last scrimmage prior to the team traveling to Laramie (I am not traveling, this time!).

It was a really fast night - it seemed like 90% of the time we were flying around the track. About 40 minutes into scrimmaging, the unthinkable happened - one of our newer gals who started when I did went down, hard.

Everything stopped immediately. The gals who are medical professionals raced over to help. The rest of us got out of the way and either got things as required or stayed back. Long story short - she has a broken tibia and will need surgery, and practice was cut off short since we had to call 911. We're still not 100% sure how the accident happened - it was in the middle of the pack and we think she might have hit another person's leg wrong.

She will be fine. We all rallied around and someone got her car to the hospital, called her husband, etc. She will recover and be stronger than before. It's still immensely nerve-wracking. I was a wreck last night. I am better this morning. I skate again tomorrow night with the team I am hoping to bout with in May. I'm going to go into it a little less all out than I might otherwise have, since there but for the grace of <whomever> went I.