No adventures in roller derby last week as the children had given me an awful cold and it's hard to skate when you cannot breathe.

This week made up for it. The team is preparing for a bout in WY on the 18th, so we were doing roster versus the world (rest of us) for scrimmage. What this meant was that we had 14 on the roster on one side, and about 8 of us on the other. So I was out every other jam, and sometimes back to back jams for an hour straight. And I survived. I got knocked down, and I got up again. I knocked people out. I do have to watch my forearms, because I have a tendency to flail them.

Towards the end of the night, I was sprinting to catch the pack (I am still slow) and one of the other gals grabbed my arm and whipped me forward and then caught up to me and shoved me into the pack. I survived (despite screaming OMG I am going to die!) and hit the pack full speed and it was awesome.

We also did a bunch of jammer drills, and for the first time all season, I did not have to tap out of a single drill due to exhaustion. Fitness, I can haz it.